Character Education

(Toddlers, Early Preschool, Preschool, Kindergarten Readiness & School Age)

At Stepping Stones we feel it is just as important to teach children about essential life skills and values as it is to teach them academics. Teaching good character to children at an early age will shape their minds and form their thinking in ways that are beneficial to their family, friends, and community as a whole.

  • Lessons are roughly 10-15 minutes, 3-5 days a week
  • Teachers incorporate key moments of interaction during the day as “teachable moments”
  • 5-10 opportunities are provided for children and families each year for hands-on and community projects

January– Patience & Perseverance
February– Honesty & Forgiveness
March– Responsibility & Self -Discipline
April– Citizenship & Helpfulness
May– Kindness & Empathy
June– Teamwork
July– Courage
August – Trust
September – Friendship & Cooperation
October – Manners & Respect
November – Thankfulness & Sharing
December – Joyfulness & Generosity