Enrichment at Stepping Stones


Our unique and thoughtfully designed Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds program takes great care in fostering the development of the whole child. We set the foundation for making healthy choices which will benefit your child far into their future. At Stepping Stones, children are provided nourishing meals/snacks, ample opportunities for keeping active, engaging academic lessons, and an exceptional environment in which to grow.

Yoga 4 Kids
Yoga benefits children both mentally and physically. Studies show that children who participate in yoga are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress, quiet the mind, and calm themselves.

Farm to Preschool
The goal of Farm to Preschool is to influence the eating habits of young children while their food preferences are still developing.

LANA- Learning About Nutrition through Activities
Stepping Stones Early Learning Center is a proud partner with the Minnesota Department of Health in implementing LANA. The goal of LANA and Stepping Stones is to promote the consumption of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Character Education
At Stepping Stones we feel it is just as important to teach children about essential life skills and values as it is to teach them academics

Stepping Stones Music Program
At Stepping Stones we recognize the value of music and the positive impact it has on early learning. Studies show that music helps develop our children’s brains and capacity for learning.

American Sign Language (ASL)
Young children acquire language at an amazing rate. However, they can still have some difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings which may lead to frustration.

Stepping Stones Spanish Program
Stepping Stones Spanish program is designed to make learning a second language fun! Our experienced teachers use a variety of strategies, materials and activities throughout each day giving children the opportunity to learn Spanish in different ways.