Waddler's Program - 16 Months to 24 Months


Child to Staff Ratio - 1:7


Child to Staff Ratio - 1:7


Your child learns many things in the first two years of their life! Walking, talking, playing with others, discovering and engaging with the world around them. The attention, support and encouragement a child receives during these years, directly impacts the rate of language acquisition, social skills development, as well as his/her overall health and well-being.

With this in mind, Stepping Stones Early Learning Center takes great care with our classrooms, staffing and educational program.

  • Waddlers need plenty of room to run, play and explore. Our classrooms are spacious, bright and encourage learning in all areas.
  • Nurturing and caring teachers are able to spend more time with each child because of our exceptionally low ratios.
  • Tailored specifically for children 16-24 months, Stepping Stones Waddler room bridges the gap between babies and Toddlers. Your child is ready for new and exciting challenges, but not necessarily with a room full of almost 3 year olds!

Waddlers have an amazing day, each and every day. What do we do? A little bit of everything!

Art activities
art-iconWaddlers develop fine-motor skills, learn colors, shapes, and size relationships.

Block play
block-iconWaddlers work with many different concepts, such as shape, size, spatial relationships, balance, organization, cause & effect, & classification. Problem solving and creativity are also promoted in block play

Circle time
circle-iconGroup time activities such as calendar, Weather Bear, counting, music, letters are designed to stimulate thinking, increase social skills and expand attention spans.

Dramatic Play activities
drama-iconAllows children to act out different scenarios with props and costumes. A great way for children to practice life skills, develop social-interactions, build vocabulary and solve problems.

Fine motor activities
fine-motor-iconSmall muscle development & coordination. Activities include puzzles, lacing beads, coloring with crayons, cutting with child scissors.

Large motor activities
large-motor-iconOutdoor playgrounds and Big Muscle Room time allow waddlers an opportunity to use their muscles- biking, running, jumping, climbing and swinging.

Music activities
music-iconWaddlers love music and it promotes listening skills, creative expression and social skills. Children can explore sound, volume, tempo and rhythm.

Sand & Water Table
sand-iconMessy play is important for young children, giving them endless ways to develop and learn. Sensory tables help develop and improve fine motor skills, and concentration. They use all their senses to discover and explore their environment.

Sign Language
sign-iconWaddlers are still at the age where communication of thoughts and feelings is difficult. They do not yet have the words to express themselves. Sign Language starts in our infant room and continues through early preschool. It gives children a second way to communicate.

spanish-iconResearch shows that children ages 2 -12 master a second language with an ease not seen in any other age groups. Our Spanish program lays the foundation during this distinct window of opportunity for the acquisition of another language.

Story time
story-iconWaddlers develop an appreciation and enjoyment for books. Reading increases vocabulary, comprehension skills and encourages them to use their imagination.

Children see magic because they look for it

Christopher Moore