Toddler's Program - 24 Months to 36 Months


Child to Staff Ratio - 1:7


Child to Staff Ratio - 1:7


Stepping Stones Toddler classrooms are full of energy and an abundance of curiosity. Dedicated and caring teachers guide children, provide hands-on exploration and social interaction in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our toddlers progress naturally because they are constantly encouraged to be creative and inquisitive, to learn and to have fun while learning.


story-iconBooks lay the foundation for a love of reading. They also help children to develop listening skills, expand language, and foster creativity. At Stepping Stones Early Learning Center, we make story time interactive by incorporating music, puppets, felt board and pictures.

Language and Communication

art-iconToddlers will have an exponential growth in their speech and language skills over the next year. At this age, they want to know “why”, “what” and “how”. They begin to understand, repeat words, and start to put them together into sentences.

  • Teachers encourage children to participate in one-on-one and group discussion conversations
  • Pointing to the words on a page as a story is read aloud
  • Learn to use words to describe the characteristics of objects
  • Children learn to follow one-step directions.
  • Use of crayons and other tools for “writing”
  • Assist child in developing an understanding of the self-concept

Math and Science

sand-iconTeachers provide toddlers with many opportunities to develop early math and science skills. At Stepping Stones, your child’s play and daily activities are filled with new discoveries and experiences; allowing children to explore their environment, gain knowledge of the world around them.

  • Stacking sorting, matching, dividing and counting objects
  • Shapes, colors, letter & number recognition, puzzles
  • Scooping and pouring
  • Making and blowing soap bubbles
  • Sensory, water and sand table activities

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

healthy-iconToddlers need to be physically active; it’s how they explore and learn about the world around them.

  • Singing, dancing, indoor games, outdoor play and yoga are just a few activities that keep our toddlers active, engaged and developing their motor skills.
  • Meals are freshly made by our in-house chef, following a Farm to Preschool menu. To see more details about our Farm to Preschool menu Click here.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and snacks are eaten family style. Children sit with their teacher and classmates; learn the give and take of conversation, practice table manners and how to serve themselves.

Self-help skills and Potty Training

sign-icon“Look what I can do!” Toddlers are excited to show us their new skills. At Stepping Stones, teachers will encourage your child’s ever growing determination to try new activities on their own.

  • Working on developmentally age appropriate self-help skills- washing hands, helping set table, self-feeding, putting on jacket, picking up toys etc.
  • Children potty-train at their own pace; when the time comes, our teachers will work with parents and children to provide the best environment for successfully reaching this exciting milestone.

Enrichment Programs

music-iconEnrichment programs are important part of your toddlers learning experience at Stepping Stones. These programs are designed to complement our core curriculum and are a great way to expand your child’s learning.

At Stepping Stones we wholeheartedly believe all children should experience these programs without incurring extra costs. As a result, all enrichment programs are included in tuition.

For more information about our Enrichment Programs-Music, Sign Language, Spanish, LANA, Yoga4Kids, and Farm 2 Preschool Click here.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children play is serious learning.
Play is really the work of childhood.”  

– Fred Rogers